Sauted Queen Scallop Nicoise

Nicoise salad:
Wash and boil the potatoes and green beans until cooked before cutting in to wedges.

Slice and lay the cherry tomatoes on a platter in a low heat oven for long enough to dehydrate them - at least a few hours.

Scallops Nicoise Salad

Break the quail eggs in a cup ready for frying at the last minute.

Queen Scallops:
Saut the queen scallops with the olive oil, seasoned with the salt and pepper.

Sauté the potatoes in oil, before adding the green beans and salt and pepper to season. Drop in a few drops of red wine vinegar and more olive oil and finally add the chopped herbs and the chopped garlic.

Serve with potatoes and beans in the centre of your place, surrounded by the tomatoes and olives, before placing the queen scallops and eggs on top.

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