Kipper Recipes

traditional oak smoked manx kipper recipes

These recipes offer a myriad of delights to whet the appetite of even the most discerning kipper fanatic. Ranging from the quick and easy to dinner party fare, these suggestions are just a small selection of the endless possibilities afforded…

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Bacon Recipes

Oak smoked bacon recipes

There’s no doubting that Moore’s oak-smoked bacon helps make the perfect breakfast, but such is the quality and flavour of the meat it is surprisingly versatile and can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.  These recipes are just a small…

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Salmon Recipes

Oak smoked salmon recipes

There is no doubting what the classic smoked salmon should be – succulent, full of flavour and smoked to perfection. At Moore’s we offer you just that. We select only the best fish before gently oak-smoking them using our…

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Crab Recipes

Crab Recipes

If it’s versatility you’re after from your fish, then Moore’s crab meat offers the ideal solution. From soups to starters to salads, our crab meat is a fresh and healthy way to give your palette something a little …

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Scallop Recipes

Scallop Recipes

If kippers can be regarded as a traditional staple of the Manx diet, then Queen scallops – or queenies as they are known on the Isle of Man – are a true delicacy. Regarded by many to have aphrodisiac qualities, the queenie is full of…

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