We are delighted to announce that the Grill Pit LTD completed the purchase of Moore's Traditional Curers on Friday 16th September 2022. Message from the New Owners Darren & Jen 'It goes without saying how excited we both are to be given this opportunity to take over the stewardship of such an Iconic business. We wish Paul Desmond all the very best and utmost gratitude for taking the time to teach us the ropes.

We have a lot of learning to do. But with Paul & James's guidance we are confident that we will continue to produce the amazing products that Paul has provided to the countless customers he has served over the years.
Jen and I wish Paul and Family all the very best in his retirement years and will be forever grateful that we have been given this opportunity.

Manx Oak Smoked Kipper Fillets will always remain the core of our new endeavour as we take on such an amazing opportunity.

Thankyou Paul!! May the best days of your past be the worst days in your retirement.. We look forward to working with you and teaching us your skill set long into the future. We will be introducing new smoked and other exciting product ranges over the coming weeks. Over the coming months we will be carrying out a rebranding excercise to merge Grill Pit LTD & Moore's Traditional Curers to Moore's Smokehouse 1882.

What's involved in the curing process

There are two steps involved.

First, as the herring are passed through the splitting machine, they are measured, split, gilled, gutted and washed at a rate of almost one a second. In the 19th Century women would hand-work the herring but now a specially designed machine is used.

Once the herrings have been split, gutted and washed, they are then soaked in brine for approximatley 10 minutes to ensure their unique flavour and freshness is retained.

During the next step, the herring are traditionally oak smoked above fires for 6-12 hours, the same method has been used for over 120 years which gives them their unique flavour.

Modern smoking processes use electric kilns to pump smoke into fire rooms for just a few hours - the traditional smoking flavour may be lost.

To buy your traditionally smoked Manx Kippers, you can visit our secure online store.


Orders to be sent on Tuesday each week by Royal Mail next day delivery which aim to be delivered by 1:30pm the following day.

Orders placed after 11pm Monday will be sent the following week.

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