About Kippers

A kipper is a whole fish that has been split from tail to head, gutted, salted, and smoked.

Manx kippers are herring, but traditionally it is any fish found in great numbers and caught during its spawning period.

Spawning fish are not good to eat fresh and usually arrive in great abundance, thus they are salted and smoked to improve flavour and preservation.

The word kipper actually describes the process of 'kippering' either fish or meat to preserve it, rather than referring to the name of a fish. You can say that our oak smoked bacon is kippered as it has gone through the process of being cured according to the traditional methods we employ.

Kippers are extremely popular in the Isle of Man, perhaps because they have been produced there since the late nineteenth century. Moore's Kipper Yard has been producing kippers since 1884 and still does today using the same traditional methods that have made it famous as a traditional English breakfast.

Moore's traditionally cured kippers are available to buy online through this website and can be delivered anywhere in the UK. All products available on this website are vacum packed to ensure the goodness is preseved when they arrive.


Last postal day for Christmas delivery Monday 20th December and next postal date after Christmas Wednesday 12th January.

Wishing our much valued customers a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year!


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