We are delighted to announce that the Grill Pit LTD completed the purchase of Moore's Traditional Curers on Friday 16th September 2022. Message from the New Owners Darren & Jen 'It goes without saying how excited we both are to be given this opportunity to take over the stewardship of such an Iconic business. We wish Paul Desmond all the very best and utmost gratitude for taking the time to teach us the ropes.

We have a lot of learning to do. But with Paul & James's guidance we are confident that we will continue to produce the amazing products that Paul has provided to the countless customers he has served over the years.
Jen and I wish Paul and Family all the very best in his retirement years and will be forever grateful that we have been given this opportunity.

Manx Oak Smoked Kipper Fillets will always remain the core of our new endeavour as we take on such an amazing opportunity.

Thankyou Paul!! May the best days of your past be the worst days in your retirement.. We look forward to working with you and teaching us your skill set long into the future. We will be introducing new smoked and other exciting product ranges over the coming weeks. Over the coming months we will be carrying out a rebranding excercise to merge Grill Pit LTD & Moore's Traditional Curers to Moore's Smokehouse 1882.

About Moore's Traditional Kipper Curers

Moore's Kipper factory is a historical yet still active landmark of Peel, situated on the west coast of the Isle of Man.Moore's produce traditional, oak fired, chimney smoked Manx kippers.

Its factory is located beside the River Neb and originally took herring from harbour boats and processed the fish as fast as possible to preserve them.

Moore's Traditional Curers of manx kippers, bacon, salmon, queenies and king scallops

At one time over 150 people worked in the factory, producing tons of kippers a day. The fish are cut then soaked in salt and placed on sticks before being hung in large chimneys to be smoked.

Moore's is a family business and a working factory and shop. As the last of these traditional curing yards it is now a living museum and you are invited to experience a working display of this almost lost culinary art. The tours are excellent and take visitors through the entire kipper making process.

About the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man - Ellan Vannin in Manx Gaelic - lies in the Irish Sea between the United Kingdom and Ireland. A wealth of unique history, tradition, Viking castles, steam trains, golf courses, stunning countryside and arguably the world’s most famous road-racing event, the TT Races, make it a wholly unique part of the British Isles.

Nowhere on the Island is it possible to escape its rich history as every town is embedded with folklore, myth and legend spanning paganism through to the birth of Christianity and beyond.

The Isle of Man, home of Moore's Traditional Curers

For centuries the Island's symbol has been the Triskelion and its motto “Quocunque jeceris stabit” - Whichever way you throw me I shall stand - which aptly embodies the independence and strong character of the Manx people.

Today the Island combines its ancient heritage with modern culture, belonging neither to the United Kingdom nor the European Union, and is proud of its own laws, postage stamps, language and Viking-founded parliament Tynwald – the longest continuous parliament in the world.

The city of Peel, Isle of Man

Even by Manx standards, the fishing port of Peel is particularly steeped in history. Dominated by an ancient castle on the peninsula that is St Patrick’s Isle, legend has it that the Irish stepped ashore in the fifth century and converted the native pagans to Christianity. Those pilgrims duly built a cathedral technically making Peel a city, and hence is affectionately known by locals as the Sunset City.

Peel, The Isle of Man, home to Moore's Traditional Curers

Peel developed over the centuries and in time became renowned for its fishing industry as flotillas of boats left its harbour on a daily basis and returned with tons of herring to be smoked and become the world famous Manx kippers.

The castle, the harbour, winding streets, sandy beaches, breathtaking scenery and the kipper industry all help to make Peel a special part of a special island.

The TT Races

Since 1907 the Isle of Man has been synonymous with the TT Races – the most famous motorcycling road race event in the world.

For four years riders raced along a short course which utilised the coastal road to Peel, but in 1911 that all changed with the advent of the Mountain Course and the TT races in their current form were born.

TT Races, Isle of Man

The course is 37.73 miles long and runs from the Island’s capital Douglas in a westerly direction through Braddan, Union Mills, Glen Vine and Crosby until it reaches Ballacraine.

At Ballacraine the intrepid racers head north through Glen Helen, Kirk Michael, Ballaugh and Sulby to Ramsey, a total of 23.5 miles from the start.

From Ramsey the riders head towards the course’s zenith – a daunting ascent up the island’s solitary mountain, Snaefell, before descending back into Douglas.

The races are a test of skill, strength and stamina, with the premier six-lap Senior TT taking in a total distance of 226.38 miles.

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