Moore's, Oak Smoked Kipper Fillets

Smoked for up to 8hrs in our 140yr old Smokehouse.

Our Herring fillets just hang out absorbing the seasoning of our 140yr old walls. Whilst being kissed with the slightest heat from our traditional fires, to draw out the oils that makes a herring become a kipper.

Moore's mastered the process!!

That's why we are the sole surviving traditional smoker left on the Isle of Man.

Only 24hrs to your door! UK Wide, Including Northern Ireland and The Isle of Man! All prices include Postage & Packaging in temperature approved packaging to guarantee your chilled, items arrive fresh!

140yrs of Manx History

140yrs of Seasoning, traditionally.

Manx Walls

Manx Shores

Manx Winds

Only @ Moore's


Moore's Oak Smoked Salmon Fillets. Dry cured, smoked and seasoned through 140yrs of history

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Moore's Manx Oak Smoked Bacon.

120hrs inside 140yrs of Manx Seasoned Walls. Sensational flavours only Moore's can produce.


Moore's Manx Oak smoked gammons

How do you want yours?

Gammon Steaks

Gammon Joints

Whole Gammons

We can ship UK wide Next Day! (Weather Dependent)

Cooked Hams to Order

Cold Sliced Oak Smoked Ham


Moore's oak smoked Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

We chose one of the purest, salt's we can find to season through Moore's 140yr old walls.

An Innocent Smoke Trial!!

Jen and I are both stunned!

"We now have a key ingredient to use, to continue our search for quality and perfect the taste of Moore's in more of our Signature products."

The aromas and taste of Moore's Smokehouse 1882. Trapped inside 50g Nett of Glass Jar.

Judge for yourself!!

It's in our Manx Sea Air!

140yrs of Manx History

140yrs of Seasoning, traditionally.

Manx Walls

Manx Shores

Manx Winds

Only @ Moore's

Moore Smoke Trials to come!


Moore's Smokehouse1882 Mill Road, Peel, Isle of Man IM5 1TA

Many thanks for visiting our website and we hope you found what you were looking for.

This is very much the start of a journey for both Jennifer and I. Building on the foundations set over 140yrs of tradition and knowledge passed down over the years.

We aim to ship daily Monday - Friday. All Prices are inclusive of Postage and Packaging.

We Insulate wrap all fresh products and place ice packs into your package. This to ensure our products reach your table fresh.

Shipped Next Day Special Delivery with Royal Mail!

Moore's Smokehouse 1882 Reserves the right to delay shipping due to adverse weather conditions should we feel your parcel has a risk of being delayed.

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Darren & Jennifer Nicholson

Hampers by moore's

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